Monday, May 5, 2014

ROSEMARY'S BABY 2014! A Two Part TV Event!

So what's the word on the new NBC Mini-Series remake of Rosemary's Baby?  How many of you are looking forward to watching it?  I like that instead of making a horrible film remake, the studio instead created a two part TV Event.  It seemed for a time only a few networks were willing or had courage to do a mini-series. Syfy channel has been especially successful with their choices.

In case anybody isn't familiar with the story, Rosemary and her husband move into a beautiful place in the city with lovely neighbors.  But why do the neighbors and the elderly couple that own the place have such a special interest in them, especially Rosemary.  When she becomes pregnant, things get even more weird.  What's so special about Rosemary's Baby?  This story is based on a novel by Ira Levin, which was also made into a 1968 feature film starring Mia Farrow.  It's a horror classic for you fans of the genre.

I'm kind of looking forward to Zoe Saldana playing the role of Rosemary.  I think she will kill it, and I'm not tired of seeing her appear in film after film yet.  Though Hollywood is starting to saturate themselves with her as the 'it' girl with a little color added in.  I would have been interested to see what it would have been like if the husband (played by Patrick Adams) had been of Dominican descent also.  Visually I mean.  The characters could be of any cultural background as far as the story is concerned.

What about you guys? Do you like the idea of a two part TV special?  Who else would you have liked to have seen as Rosemary if not Zoe?  I guess we will see if it was really worth it when the mini-series premieres May 11th.  You can check the trailer unless you don't want spoilers of any kind.

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