Friday, May 2, 2014


One of my favorites classic Sci-fi films of all time is FORBIDDEN PLANET.  This movie had a great mix of a spacecraft, a robot, a space damsel, a twisted doctor and a deadly creature on a distant planet.

The movie starts out with a military spaceship receiving orders to check if there were any survivors of a lost colony on the planet Altair 20 years prior.  When the crew comes close to the planet, they are surprised to hear a warning from the only survivor.  Not heeding the warning, Commander Adams orders the ship to land, and is greeted by a robot. The famous Robby the Robot. Robby escorts him and his 2 officers to Dr. Morbius and his 18 year old daughter Altaira.  Morbius explains that the rest of his party were killed 20 years earlier by a mysterious force.  But even though the doctor warns Commander Adams that he should take his men and leave, fearing this force will return, the commander is bound by orders to investigate.  And it didn't hurt that Altaira was a space hottie. Well, that’s where the fun starts.  Impossible murders by an unseen monster, and the discovery of an ancient dead alien race called ‘The Krell’ makes this movie continually more interesting as the story unfolds.  I don’t want to give any of the juicy parts away so I’ll just stop spoiling it here.  Don’t get fooled by the trailer… it’s a good flick:


  1. It is a brilliant film and it doesn't hurt that it's based on a Shakespeare play.

    1. You know Maurice, I always forget to add the fact that it was based on The Tempest when I talk about this film. Thanks. :)