Monday, May 26, 2014


SYFY has a couple new shows coming soon.  One of them actually starts this week (of this posting).  THE WILL WHEATON PROJECT is a show hosted by Will Wheaton, as you can tell by the title.  You remember the kid from Star Trek that always wanted to be with Picard and the ship's command. Yes, that Will Wheton.  Now he's piloting his own show, but we will have to find out if it flies to the stars or burns in the upper atmosphere.  Look for it airing on May 27th at 10pm est.  It's a World of Science Fiction in 30 Minutes. Their tagline, not mine.

Another show coming this Summer to Syfy is DOMINION.  Out of the two, this is actually more interesting to me.  I am skeptical.  But they do have my attention with the dystopian future that's set 25 years after the film Legion (2010).  It's the fact that the show is based on that wish-washy Angels vs Man film that makes me question if it will be a good series.  But the more I see of the show and the cast, the more I'm wondering if my judgements are misplaced.  Look for this coming in June 19th at 9pm est.

And coming back for the Summer for its second season is DEFIANCE.  I don't think the show hit its potential the first season, but I still liked the direction they went with, and the characters they featured.  It airs June 19th at 10pm est., right after Dominion.

TNT is premiering its 4th season of FALLING SKIES, which is coming back June 22 at 10pm est.  I didn't think the show would last, but by the second season, the humans vs. aliens drama found its legs and started running.  At least that's the report I get back from my fellow geeks that watch the show.  I plan on catching up.

And the network named after dynamite is also premiering another dystopian future show on the same night called THE LAST SHIP, where a virus has decimated the earth's population and a lone navel vessel has to find the cure.  Micheal Bay is producing this one, so don't be surprised at the amount of explosions.  Actually, from the trailer, there will be action, but probably more drama than giant robots.  Look for it on June 22 at 9pm before Falling Skies.

For you fans that like your action with a little more Swordplay than aliens and angels; there are two period shows coming this summer. One is a pirate adventure airing on NBC this week called CROSSBONES.  I featured it previously when posting the trailer Here.  I'm going to check this out because of two reasons - John Malkovich is playing Black Beard in a way I've never seen.  And there is a new and beautiful face with a sword in hand that might be the Michonne of this high seas series - Tracy Ifeachor is playing a character by the name of Nenna.  She's had minor roles in Doctor Who and other TV shows, but I think she, and some other new faces, might make an impact. Look for it on May 30th at 10pm.

And of course what would a British television network like BBC America be without doing a series based on THE MUSKETEERS.  The interesting thing about this series though is that one of the famous fencing warriors is of mixed race.  Kind of like the original author of the Book series, Alexandre Dumas.  Look for the All For One cheer to premiere June 22nd at 9pm.

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