Sunday, May 11, 2014

Five of the Best Mothers of Sci-Fi

Happy Mother's Day to all the geek and non-geek mothers out there.

Mothers go through so much. Childbirth, crying kids, cupcakes, birthday parties, runny noses, sad days and happy days. But most handle it with love and tenderness. I know my mother did. Being a black kid that had a propensity for daydreaming and a love for the unbelievable, I have to say that I had an awesome mom. And growing up, she certainly added to my geekiness by taking me to movies like Logan’s Run, Close Encounters, and Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster.

But few mothers go through what these Mothers of Sci-Fi go through. Cosmic kids, ghost attacks, transmutations, protecting the future of mankind. They’ve dealt with some pretty heavy situations. Here is Geek Soul Brother’s list of the Best Mom’s in Sci-Fi.

Sarah Conner – Sarah is the number one best mom. Chased by not one but 2 Terminators, she protected herself and then her son. And she wasn’t some babying mom that sheltered her kid. Oh no, she taught him everything he needed to know to survive and best Skynet in the future.

Sue Storm – Loving wife, caring mom and a damn powerful superhero. Mrs. Storm has had it tougher then 99% of all the other superheroes. Balancing her motherly ways while battling world threatening villains; the Invisible Woman is one of the best moms ever.

Lt. Sharon ‘Athena” Agothon – Who says a synthetic human can’t be a real mom? Not Sharon Agothon, Athena if your nasty. This number Eight model of the Cylons had a mission to ‘get busy’ with a human. But Sharon had something special in her circuits to fall in love with daddy and have a beautiful human-cylon baby named Hera. And when anybody came between her and her baby not even a fleet of starships, nor her troubled twin could stop her from getting her kid back.

Diane Freeling – I know it's not Sci-Fi but I thought she deserved to be in the list. This joint smoking soccer mom was doing a fine job taking care of her family, until an evil Poltergeist started haunting them. Now she doesn’t get any points for treating things as ‘cool’ with letting her daughter magically slide across the kitchen floor. I would have been outta there! But she made up for it when little Carol Anne got taken into purgatory. Talk about your Amber Alert. And with just a rope tied to her waist and a shaky husband holding the other end, she brought her little angel back from the edge of the ‘light’.

Amanda Greyson – Even with a cranky Vulcan husband who’s romanticism is that of a Sea Salmon, and a son with a chip on his little Vulcan shoulder, Spock’s human mother has always been there for her family. Ready with encouraging and sometimes stern wisdom for her son, Amanda shows the love that’s needed for an officer of Star Fleet. A moment of silence for her passing at the hands of J.J. Abrams and friends.

I'm sure you have many more suggestions. These are just some of the Mothers I thought of. Come on and tell me who you would put in the list?


  1. Great list Man. I never thought about how much Spock's Mom put up with.

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