Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fox's HIEROGLYPH! Ancient Egyptians are Very Very... British!

I didn't know Egypt was conquered by the British!  But as you can see, a few must have traveled back in time by way of the Tardis from Doctor Who, and taken roles among the royalty.  At least that's the only reason I can use to explain the cast of the upcoming Fox show HIEROGLYPH. 

From the trailer, and what I heard on the geek streets, this might be Fox's attempt to make their own Game of Thrones type of show.  A little drama, a little sex, and some magic in an ancient world sounds about right.

As for the representation of Ancient Egyptians, many people are hatin', and saying Fox totally missed the mark.  There are some PoC in the show, but not enough for me to believe that this is authentic. For those of you that say "What's the big deal?" it's always been a problem for Hollywood to represent Ancient Egypt the way scientific research has shown it to be.  I'm glad they at least went with Condola Rashad as Nefertari, and lead actor Reece Ritchie is on the mixed side also.

Still, in my opinion the Pharaoh Ramses II...

... looked a lot more like this Guy from Sudan...
... than what Hollywood usually portrays.

So are you going to watch it?  Or give it a thumbs down for one reason or another?  If you choose to watch, look for it coming soon to Fox.

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