Friday, May 16, 2014

GSB Flashback: THEM! (1954)

Today I'm bringing the big bad bug fest from the fifties.  Nuclear fallout and animal mutations were fertile ground for Sci-fi filmmakers of that time.  One of the most famous was a thriller called THEM!

Even though the Giant Ant Models looked horrible (maybe even for that time), the tone of this sci-fi favorite took a serious look at the dangers of radiation and the disruption of the environment.  The story sets up a good mystery with questions like "Why are these people dying?... What are these big footprints?... What is that crazy noise that sounds like a bad Fan Belt in a car?".  And after the reveal that it was indeed giant insectoid killers, it was all about saving people and stopping the spread of a humongous ant colony.  It was pretty cool the way they kept the tension and fear going throughout the movie.  Hope you enjoy 1954's THEM, one of the top 'Over Grown Monster Animal' movies ever!

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