Sunday, May 11, 2014

Look at NBC Trying To Actually Get CONSTANTINE Right!

We're already getting previews of new shows for the fall.  And I have to say that this is not a bad start.  The Keanu Reeves' Constantine left fans of the comic a little sour.  I personally liked it to a certain extent, but what do I know?  I haven't taken the chance to read any Hellblazer stories really.  I do know this though, a brunette haired American talking Constantine is a big No No.  On the other hand, for the good guy that treads the lines between Heaven, Earth and Hell, it looks like they got more than the hair color and dialect right.

Matt Ryan is Constantine, the rough edged London anti-hero that just can't let evil spirits do their evil things.  Harold Perrineau is Manny, an angel and maybe voice of reason.  Lucy Griffiths plays Liv, the young woman that is suddenly drawn into Constantine's world.  For those of you geeks out there that know the stories, tell me if this Fall 2014 series looks promising by the trailer:

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