Friday, March 28, 2014

THE PURGE: ANARCHY Theatrical Trailer

The first Purge film was so-so.  It had an interesting premise, but I wanted to see more of what this anarchist world was like.  Well, THE PURGE: ANARCHY seems like it will deliver more of that world from several points of view.
As you'll see in the trailer, this is not an annual event you want to be a part of.  Even you that think this would be your kind of night would have a hard time dealing with what might be around the corner.  From the looks, I think this sequel will be better than the first one.  Look for it this summer in July.


  1. When I saw this trailer in the theaters I was confused by the opening. Then I saw the title and understood completely. The concept is terrifying if not the execution.

    1. This is one of those films that people say "That couldn't happen" and then it happens. Yeah, it's a scary thought.