Friday, March 14, 2014



From a twitter discussion between my tweeps @thick_designer and @adjpants, I featured a topic that I wanted to hear more about in detail - Women and the Pressures by Society to Reproduce.  The Five Nerdy Venoms and I were joined by Hatori Hudson and our new friend JD.  We had an interesting talk with many thoughts and viewpoints.  Of course as always the show devolved to a drinking game by the end. I love my Nerdy Venoms. Here were some of the highpoints:

  • How much is put on a woman’s worth for being fertile versus her worth of being a person?
  • Is there a part of society that doesn’t want women to have kids? Inda Lauryn brought up a great point in the chat.    
  • Is it seen as selfish for women to Not have kids?  Is it selfish to have children?

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  1. I totally relate to this topic. I'm choose not to have children. Heck I'm not married for one and parenthood is lots of responsibility that scares me for two. My family doesn't pressure any of us to have kids but the non-family looks at me like I am weird. Oh and the most annoying thing is when you see an old classmate, church member, neighbor, etc. and they ask "How many kids do you have". I have asked a few time "Do I look like a baby making machine. I'm not even married" It is very annoyed to be expected to have children. Great Show!!!

    1. Thanks Diva. I learned a lot from the episode myself. :)