Monday, March 17, 2014

BIG HERO 6 - Disney's Animated Marvel based Feature

Everybody (that's a nerd) is talking about the upcoming Marvel / Disney films - CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: THE WINTER SOLDER and the even more interesting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.  But there's a third Marvel based property coming out this year that nobody is really talking about.  It also took me by surprise when I found the ambiguous teaser trailer.  This third film in the 2014 Marvel big screen collective is called BIG HERO 6.  The difference between the previously mentioned films and this stealthy contender is that it's a CG animation.

Big Hero 6 was a Marvel comic starring Sun-Fire, Silver Samurai and several other unique heroes.  I don't know if those two characters are going to be included in this story, but one character from the comic will be the lead with his giant robot.  From Disney's site:
Big Hero 6 - an action comedy adventure about brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-paced, high-tech city of San Fransokyo. With the help of his closest companion—a robot named Baymax—Hiro joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save their city. 
I really hope they include SunFire in the animation.  It would be nice to see another one of the few notable Asian male characters in Marvel make it to the big screen.  THE WOLVERINE actually did a great job of doing that.  BIG HERO 6 hits theaters wide November 7, 2014.

Concept Art from BIG HERO 6

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