Sunday, March 16, 2014


I was always a fan of the magazine HEAVY METAL, although it did fall off in the nineties for me.  Still it had great adult science fiction stories and the animated motion picture was crazy.  The magazine started in France as Metal Hurlant before it came to the states.  Now Syfy is bringing the modern French TV series to the states. METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES will be premiering April 14th at 8pm est.  But there is already a first season out there somewhere.  And I'm always glad to see Michael Jai White starring in a film or TV show. Check the trailer...

And there is a season two being developed in France.  Hope the first season is a hit over here in the USA.  When I ask people if they have ever read the magazine they usually look at me crazy. And these are Science Fiction and Comic fans. What can you do. lol


  1. I'm a huge fan of "Heavy Metal" from back in the day, but I've never seen this series. We can thank SyFy for bringing another foreign show to the states. Just out of curiosity, why did you switch to Blogger? I always felt Wordpress was better at plugins.

    1. I'm also glad that HM was recently bought by a multimedia company. I'm looking forward to them bring it to a new level.

      As far as the blog, I had used when I first started. But when I wanted to go back from the self-hosting, the .com one wouldn't support my podcast files from Talkshoe. Plus, blogger might have better seo options with google. But you're right Maurice, has much better plugins. There are third party options that I'll check out. Thanks man for following me through the move. :)

  2. You got it Man. Glad to have you on board! Blogger has made a lot of improvements over the years. Plus, Blogger let's you customize your site without paying. That's why we're still on here. :)

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