Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Summer Horror? JESSABELLE (2014)

When did summer become a time for horror films? When you think about it they play at different times of the year.  But October is usually the month for the serious horror flick.  Still, between THE CONJURING last year and DELIVER US FROM EVIL earlier this summer, I think the studios want their box office payoff sooner rather than later.

JESSABELLE doesn't look like it will be the best horror film this year, but it does look like it will be comparable with INSIDIOUS and recent others (same producers).  It's about a girl that goes back to her childhood home only to be met by an evil spirit that wants whatever evil spirits want from a young girl. Most likely her soul, but who knows.  Oh, and she's in a wheelchair from a car accident, so that probably makes the ghost fighting a little more of a challenge.  The trailer actually doesn't look bad. Coming to theaters August 29th.

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  1. Yeah, it doesn't look like the best I've heard of this year, but it's cool.